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Our Guiding Principles
We use emerging technologies to solve problems and create better experience.
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Our core values

partnersPartnering for Success

Collaborating with clients across diverse industries empowers us to combine our expertise with their industry knowledge. At Upheave, we don't merely serve as a vendor; we become your trusted partner, working together towards a common goal.

We listen to customers' needs and provide new products with evolving technology. At Upheave, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a diverse set of skills to the table. We are the driving force behind your success, working hand in hand to create transformative products that propel your business forward.

sustainableSustainable products create a better future

Products that we create help people in many ways. From helping patients to get care in an easy and fast way, helping people to get healthy meals the whole day, and creating a solution that optimizes energy consumption – products create a better future.

We love sustainable products that improve the quality of life for everyone. The goal of sustainable products is to support the community and we are proud to be a part of developing a better future.

deliverDeliver more than expected

Clients trust us and we often get the opportunity to consult them beyond our core business. We know that new businesses meet a lot of confusion and need more general directions.

Since we have a lot of experience with start-ups and growing businesses, we are happy to help our customers. Our goal is not just to finish the project, but to help customers to achieve their goals.

humbleambitionStay humble but keep the ambition

Our team members come from different backgrounds and have different experiences and professions. To operate well as a team, we put effort into understanding how others create value.

Being a smaller group makes it necessary to be focused on constant learning and improving our team skills, while at the same time appreciating every step of delivering an outcome.

We believe the best way to achieve our ambition is to provide resources, tools, and knowledge so everyone on the team can improve both individually and as a part of the team.

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