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What is JadeALM?

JadeALM is a project management software that helps you overview the entire development process in a simple way. It helps teams to assign tasks, set due dates, track progress and visualize it – without pain.



When it comes to cross-functional collaboration, teams can get lost with project management tools. A lot of tools on the market provide solutions focused on specific goals, instead of the common goal. Most of them cause struggles when tracking the whole project.

In big teams, a problem is also to find specific information relevant to tasks. IDC cited that knowledge workers spend two and a half hours a day searching for information. Moreover, the cost of intellectual rework and the inability to find knowledge resources is estimated to be $12 billion for 500 fortune companies.

Especially people who work on software development projects, only that they sometimes don’t have the access to needed information, but the information is also not up to date. Decisions may be based on outdated information, which leads to project delays or unsatisfied users.



We wanted to create a software that keeps track of the bigger picture, helps team members to plan step by step and at the same time to have a visual idea of progress.

JadeALM is different from other project management tools because it has a clear structure of all tasks, information and changes. Its editor has a clear hierarchy, and it is synced with WBS chart and many other dashboards.

No good project-management - no success

Despite multiple productivity tools, training materials, and new methodologies, it is still a challenge to prevent delays in project management.

Teams need to work hard to keep constraints such as time, scope, and budget within the plan.

One benefit of project management software is an estimation of the timeline. By Capterra, this benefit helps 60% of the project managers to reach better efficiency by implementing more realistic deadlines.

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  • Automatic task and status updates, real-time notifications.
  • Developer-friendly due to Markdown and slash (/) commands to manage work quicke
  • Agile methodologies like Sprints, Gantt chart, and timeline.
  • Intuitive and simple UI that makes onboarding painless
  • Workflow automation to streamline and overview phases of the progress
  • Single source of truth for your team that makes requirements management easier
  • Feature level changes can be easily tracked
  • Space to discuss tasks.

Avoid the clutter of functionalities

JadeALM is a great choice as a cheaper and more software-oriented alternative to Asana and ClickUp. Its goal was to avoid the clutter of functionalities like ClickUp has and improve Asanas developer-friendliness.

Its intuitive surface provides agile capabilities that save a lot of time for your team. To help save the time on manual updates, all tasks are synced across all views.

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