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What is Na sunčanoj strani?

On the sunny side is an organization created in collaboration with Climate-KIC, the largest European community of knowledge and innovation for climate, Green Energy Cooperative (ZeZ) and Raiffeisen bank.

Its goal is to help citizens develop, invest and use renewable energy sources. These concrete and sustainable solutions improve the development of local communities. The Sunny Side targets to install 1,000 solar power plants in 2022.

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Small solar panels for households are supposed to lower the cost of electricity by 80% immediately after installation and keep it in the future. In the long run, they increase the value of your property, and ensure savings over 25 years.

Not only owning a resource of energy makes you more energy independent, but it also reduces the state's dependence on energy imports. It makes households save money on energy now and be more resilient to rising energy prices in the future.



Even though solar panels decrease costs of energy for households, not many people are familiar with this technology. Moreover, the ones who would like to use solar energy, struggle to find the right information, support and the best option for themselves.

Our challenge was to find the best way to create a new website that would be easy to use as a customer, helpful for tracking traffic for the owner, and SEO optimized to be useful for both customer and owner.



On the Sunny Side has a visual identity that is intuitive, effective and provides information, procurement and installation of a small solar power plant for the household.

How did we make it?

To approach this problem we used our process of 4 services. To explain it in more detail, here is what did we do specifically:

We research the competitors, market and target customers. Before starting a project, we focus on what is important for the end user and what would be most helpful for them. In other words, how to make design and functionalities to fit end-users needs in the quickest and most helpful way possible.
Our designer takes the necessary information about functionalities and prefered functionalities and appearance. Based on this information, we prepare a design that includes the appearance of desktop/mobile screens. We also create a book of standards based on the existing visual identity.
After the approval of design, we start with development of the basic part. We prepare HTML/CSS and implementat it in the content management system (CMS - WordPress). This step includes support for adding and updating content.
Development of the application includes the system architecture, the database, the preparation of the administrative interface for data entry and the creation of various forms defined in the request.
We prepare a server which is necessary for hosting. Choosing a server is based on certain requirements such as server location, price, speed, support, SLA and many others. This step also includes setting up and configuring the web server.
During the entire development, we keep SEO in mind. Upon completion of the project, we focus on content optimization and adaptation to search engines.
We test the entire solution in detail, and in addition to checking all functionalities. We ensure fast opening of the website and pixel-perfect design on all devices.


Access to electric energy makes it harder to drag attention to solar panels for private usage. This is true especially in Croatia where costs of electric energy are 40% lower than in the rest of Europe.

However, considering expected growth in electricity costs and environmental pollution, solar panels become a great solution. On the Sunny Side is a great choice for investing in solar panels, especially because, unlike other competitors, it comes with a mobile app Sunči that lets you track energy consumption.

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