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  • Challenge

Complete client-side rewrite and improvements in user flow and user interface.

  • Solution

Clean user interface with immediate overview of the cheapest flights for a given day/month.


airBaltic is a hybrid airline taking the best practices both from traditional network airlines and low cost carriers. It is a flag carrier of Latvia and one of the prominent airlines of the Baltics and Northern Europe area.

Airline reservation system

Air reservation system is an online system that connects the dots between passenger and airline. It is a complex system that stores and uses a lot of flight-related information. That includes data like flight schedules, flight prices, personalized prices, rules for each booking class, seat availability, flight fares, reservations, passengers name records (PNGs) and much more.

Since many airlines and airports take part in the airline system, these data are coming from many different sources. Eventually, the airline reservation system must provide real-time information for customers to make a reservation online.

Airline reservation system has a lot of features such as:

Highly Customizable

Fast Online
Reservation Facility


Multi-language Support

Multi-currency support

Reservation Management

Payment Gateway Integration


People want a fast and easy way to buy cheap direct flights. That’s easier said than done. Traveling for work or finding the place for vacation of your dreams can become frustrating when you need to sit down and book a flight.

For customers, process of interaction with airline reservation system has several major steps:

Flight Search

Flight Booking

Ancillary Booking

Payment Procedure

The sheer number of options when buying a ticket is sometimes overwhelming. The technical aspect of making this easier for the average customer is even more complex. The complexity of managing hundreds or thousands of destinations, dates, price combinations, seat availability, meal offerings, passenger classes and so much more is staggering.

The challenge that many airline reservation systems, including airBaltic, face, is how to make this process clearer and more intuitive for the end-user.


Upheave was given the opportunity to take over the complete client-side rewrite of the next iteration of airBaltic online booking system.

This was a major undertaking and in the span of a year and a half we have finished the first phase of migrating from the old architecture to a brand new system built with state of the art tools.

One of our biggest goals was shortening the time it takes for the user to complete the finding and buying process.

We’ve accomplished this with careful consideration of both the user behavior and specific technical decisions that made an impact in getting the correct information in
front of the user as soon as possible.

The result is a much cleaner user interface with an immediate overview of the cheapest flights for a given

Travel date and flight selection have been drastically simplified with additional ease of changing any part
of the travel itinerary (number of passengers,
destinations, adding vouchers etc.).

Large emphasis was put on mobile user experience as well and there is practically no difference in features between the more generous ‘Desktop’ experience.


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