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What is Alertive Healthcare?

Alertive Healthcare is an emerging startup specializing in remote patient monitoring software and services to medical clinics and healthcare providers. Due to expanded growth, the company encountered obstacles in scaling to meet patient demand.

In response, Upheave Technologies joined the team, offering expertise in software development and DevOps. These contributions led to a significant ability to both scale and provide excellent customer satisfaction.



Bottlenecks in Data Stream
With an increasing number of clinics and patients onboarded, Alertive's system was strained by large amounts of critical vital measurements it had to store and process. They faced challenges in:
  • iconHandling different methods of data input from LTE-supported devices, BLE-connected mobile apps, and entries by healthcare staff from their purpose built EMR.
  • iconAnalytics and data representation in an easily digestible form for the care team leveraging reduced clicks for faster and more accurate care of patients.

Inconsistent Note-Taking
Another significant concern was the scaling of clinical documentation between the clinical care team and patients, exacerbated by:
  • iconMultiple versions of templates lead to inconsistent notes.
  • iconTedious and error-prone manual copy-pasting tasks.
  • iconUnstructured and noisy output that made it difficult to find important information.



Data Stream Solutions
  • iconDeployed DynamoDB to store vital readings.
  • iconEmployed AWS services like SNS and SQS for asynchronous operations.
  • iconCalculations and analytics were pre-calculated and stored in RDS, making it easily accessible for the care team through the dashboard.
While we evaluated the potential of integrating Amazon Kinesis for handling patient event data, we ultimately decided not to proceed with it at this time. The reasons were multifaceted, encompassing cost considerations, operational complexity, and our team's existing expertise with AWS Lambda and DynamoDB.
We also found that our current architecture sufficiently met scalability and real-time data processing needs for clinical escalation management, while already being compliant with healthcare regulations. Thus, we chose to focus on optimizing our existing technology stack, concluding that Kinesis could be a consideration for future phases of the project.
Note-Taking Solutions
The Note Wizard feature was developed to:
  • iconMinimize free-text input and automate boilerplate text.
  • iconStreamline the note-creation process to enhance completeness and accuracy.
  • iconServe multiple purposes like aiding clinicians, ensuring compliance, and tracking patient history.
Code Optimization
To deal with the performance challenges, a comprehensive code optimization effort was undertaken to revamp the Patient Profile page. This included rectifying React rendering issues and enhancing state management using Redux Toolkit.


Robust Backend Architecture
Leveraging a micro-services approach built on AWS, the architecture was designed to accommodate both asynchronous and synchronous operations efficiently. This robust foundation made use of AWS services like DynamoDB, RDS, SNS, and SQS and facilitated:
  • iconReal-time data processing and analytics.
  • iconScalable and reliable inter-service communication using RPC mechanisms.

Note Wizard
To solve the note-taking challenges, the “Note Wizard” was introduced, a multi-step form aimed at:
  • iconStandardizing note templates.
  • iconReducing errors and improving consistency.
  • iconServing as a guide and training aide for the care team.

Mobile App Support
Complementary iOS and Android apps were developed for patients, offering an integrated experience across devices.


Our collaboration with Alertive Healthcare resulted in a groundbreaking transformation of their remote healthcare monitoring system's dashboard. The user-centric enhancements, performance optimizations, and expanded functionalities have reshaped the healthcare monitoring landscape, empowering healthcare professionals with tools for more informed decision-making and improved patient care.
Our commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in the remarkable evolution of this dashboard, marking it as a cornerstone in the advancement of remote healthcare monitoring systems. This case study highlights our journey in enhancing the dashboard's functionality, performance, and user experience, ultimately contributing to better patient care.
Client Feedback
“Our provider portal's usability has undergone a remarkable transformation with help from the Upheave team by augmenting our core team with experts from Upheave, we were able to accelerate all facets of the design and development process to bring an amazing product to customers. They have gone the extra mile, surpassing the usual efforts of outsourced engineers.”
Noah Manders
CTO, Alertive Healthcare
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