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About Carbon Health?

Carbon Health is a healthcare technology company that provides various healthcare services and solutions. They offer a range of services, including primary care, urgent care, and virtual care.

Carbon Health's patient app is designed to help patients manage their healthcare needs more conveniently. It streamlines healthcare management by offering features such as appointment scheduling, access to medical records, prescription management, secure health messaging, billing and payment options, COVID-19 services, and health and wellness tracking. Users can conveniently schedule appointments, access medical records and test results, request prescription refills, and communicate with healthcare providers securely.

Additionally, the app provides features related to billing and insurance, offers COVID-19 information and services, and supports health tracking and goal setting, making it a comprehensive tool for patients' healthcare needs.

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What did Upheave technologies do?

In our engagement with Carbon Health, we embarked on a diverse and multifaceted mission, collaborating across various project facets, including healthcare app development, website development and maintenance, website content creation, and many other responsibilities while working across various departments within the company.
Our central objective revolved around the development and seamless integration of pivotal features aimed at delivering substantial benefits to both patients and healthcare providers.

React Native Patient App

Our contributions included the implementation of new features, with a standout example being the creation of a confirmation screen for patient appointments. Although the screen itself was constructed as a straightforward React component, it concealed a complex booking flow, characterized by a multitude of intricate variants that demanded meticulous attention.
Our responsibilities extended beyond mere feature development. We introduced essential instrumentation to streamline the booking flow, fortifying its reliability. Rigorous unit testing was added to ensure the app's performance met high standards. Moreover, the incorporation of feature flags and A/B testing allowed for precise targeting of specific regions, thereby optimizing the app's user experience.
In close collaboration with data scientists, we also added instrumentation to both applications. This effort facilitated the collection of valuable data related to various features and flows, which data scientists analyzed to derive insights and make predictions, ultimately contributing to the continuous enhancement of patient care and app functionality.

Bridging Healthcare App with Bluetooth

One crucial aspect of our project involved harnessing the power of Bluetooth technology to connect the Carbon Health app with the healthcare devices in Carbon Health's ecosystem. One such device was the blood pressure monitor, which we aimed to integrate with the app seamlessly. This integration was pivotal, as it allowed patients to monitor their blood pressure readings directly from their smartphones, streamlining the process of tracking and managing their health.
To accomplish this, we delved into the intricacies of Bluetooth connectivity. Our team members were responsible for developing the necessary Bluetooth functionality within the app. This included creating secure and reliable connections between the app and the blood pressure monitor, ensuring the accurate transmission of vital health data.
Additionally, we dedicated significant effort to configuring Bluetooth permissions to align with Google's strict approval standards. This meticulous attention to detail was crucial to guarantee that the app met all the necessary criteria for release on the Google Play Store.
In parallel with our Bluetooth endeavors, we were responsible for the examination of patient information to determine their eligibility for various healthcare programs, such as diabetes management, mental health support, and hypertension control. These valuable insights are extremely helpful for both patients and healthcare providers.

Website Development and Maintenance

Our work on the development and maintenance of new features for the Next.js front-facing page at Carbon Health encompassed a wide range of tasks, from addressing minor issues to implementing substantial changes and bug fixes.
One notable feature that our team worked on was the creation of a seamless bridge between the front page and the patient app. This innovation allowed users to book appointments directly through the front page, with the process culminating in the patient app.
A significant portion of our efforts was dedicated to enhancing the registration form and introducing comprehensive instrumentation to optimize the entire booking flow, ensuring a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Design for healthcare app

Our primary focus was on implementing new features and aligning them seamlessly with Carbon Health software. This task entailed meticulous attention to UI/UX design principles to ensure a user-friendly and visually cohesive experience.
Towards the project's conclusion, we took on the crucial role of maintaining the design system. This involved creating and updating design components, including elements such as buttons, with consideration for their various states (pressed, hover, disabled). We monitored changes in the application and integrated new design patterns into the existing design system, effectively curating a comprehensive library of components for designers and front-end teams.

Patient-focused Marketing

Website content
Utilizing platforms like Strapi and Webflow, we were responsible for creating and managing dozens of new pages. These sophisticated tools allowed us to streamline content creation and publication, ensuring that we could rapidly respond to emerging health concerns and offer up-to-date information.This encompassed the entire lifecycle of content, from inception and publication to the ongoing review and improvement of older pages.
Social listing pages optimization
A significant portion of our focus was dedicated to reviewing and optimizing social listing pages for Carbon Health clinics across various platforms, including Google My Business, Apple Maps, Yelp, and Solv. Optimizing and maintaining pages of Carbon Health clinics across the whole county ensured that they were readily discoverable by individuals seeking healthcare services in their local areas
Social media strategy
Within the Carbon Health team, our role was one of collaboration and actively contributing to the execution. We masterminded the social media content plan, crafting a cohesive and engaging online presence across various digital channels. This strategy aimed to foster community engagement and keep audiences informed and connected.


Our combined efforts in these two critical areas contributed to the creation of a more user-friendly, feature-rich Carbon Health app. This, in turn, empowered patients to take greater control of their healthcare, access specialized programs, and monitor their vital health data conveniently through their smartphones. Ultimately, our work aimed to improve the overall healthcare experience, making it more accessible and effective for all Carbon Health patients.
Client Feedback
“They were able to deliver on time and produce high-quality work and took ownership of their work, always going the extra mile to ensure that the project was delivered to the highest standard. Their commitment and ownership made them ideal partners for our business.”
Eishay Smith
VP of Engineering, Carbon Health
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