Developing a business of the first Croatian all-day meal delivery program from scratch

  • Challenge

Help people to reach desired weight by delivery of  healthy meals for the whole day.

  • Solution

Creating a website about the first Croatian healthy meals delivery for the whole day and making it visible for customers.


LightFork meal plan is designed for you and your goals, freshly prepared by LightFork chefs, and delivered daily to your address.

Modern lifestyle with less free time

Modern lifestyle, in many cases, involves a dramatic reduction in people’s exercise and human activity, which has been linked to the overweight.

Most of us sit when we are working, often in front of a computer. It can be challenging to fit physical activity into a busy workday, but it is crucial for your health. 

Inactive lifestyle comes with many causes. One of them is losing muscle strength and endurance, weaker bones and lower metabolism. Also, an inactive lifestyle may cause poor blood circulation. This all goes together with gaining weight, being both a reason and consequence of gaining weight.


Now, even though a sedentary or inactive lifestyle isn’t healthy, it is hard to change habits. People who want to eat healthier often have busy lives and not much time to plan, prepare and even eat the meals.  It is necessary to provide a nutritionist plan of meals and also deliver these meals to people.


Lightfork’s goal is to create a program that offers both calculated calories and cooked meals. This solution gives two crucial benefits for customers:

  • Nutritional diet plan and
  • preparing and delivering meals

Eating food like home-cooked food gives you control over the ingredients, while fruits and vegetables are always a better choice than unhealthy food.

LightFork meals are rich in proteins and essential macronutrients for muscle mass growth. Ideal calorie intake is something that cannot be avoided when reaching the form you want to achieve.

With LightFork, you save time preparing food while simultaneously enjoying our healthy and delicious meals at home or work. 

Extra time that customers save, they can focus on activities that help to reach weight goals even faster!


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