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What is Sunči App?

Sunči is a digital application that helps people to balance between produces and consumes electricity

Users can track their electricity consumption, view reports and optimize to get lower costs. The project operates in Croatia.

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Our challenge in building the Sunči app was to create a solution that is easy to use and understandable for end-users.

Sunči was also supposed to help people to optimize energy consumption. We needed to find ways to make users track their energy spending efficiently and more often.



Implementing Upheave's solution as an app that sends notifications and reminders about energy spending and Earth's pollution.

The proposal includes the development efforts to build backend service and mobile application all in service of monitoring and optimizing energy consumption.

Mobile App Backend

Build a mobile app that helps users to optimize solar energy collection and spending.

Store formatted data in the database
Receive, parse and format data from Data Collection Platform
Send push notifications upon previously defined schedule and forward user events to Nudge server
Schedule services for push notifications

Steps of building:

  • 1.

    Build a smart Metering Device that sends telemetry to the Data Collection Platform.

  • 2.

    Build a mobile App Backend that receives data from the Data Collection Platform.

  • 3.

    End users have a mobile application that fetches data from Mobile App Backend and displays various information about energy consumption.

  • 4.

    Mobile App Backend is based on the upfront defined schedule and sends push notifications to the users. When a user opens a push notification, Nudge Server notifies about the event.

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The application is used by the end-users which enables them to monitor power consumption. Main functionalities include:
  • User authentication
  • Table and chart view of power consumption
  • Push notifications support

Mobile application is built using React Native for Android 5+ and iOS 10+.
Even though more private users choose solar energy for their houses, solutions for optimizing its consumption are rare.
Costs of electric energy are expected to grow and it is necessary to have a good alternative with effective tracking systems for spending.

Critical features inside of Sunči app:

critical features

User authentication

critical features

Table and chart view of power consumption

critical features

Push notifications support


The application uses data collected from smart devices integrated in a database that analyzes and interprets the collected information.

Clear visualization of production, consumption and self-consumption encourages users to make the most of electricity and behave in an energy efficient way.

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In addition, app users would receive notifications about the impact that their energy efficiency has on society. Reminders about the influence on the environment helps users to reach goals related to energy efficiency and self-consumption.

Finally, Sunči provides daily, weekly and annual overviews of electricity production and consumption.

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For Sunči, we needed to develop graphic standards, sign, logo and elements such as pictograms that would be parts of the app. The design from the app was supposed to be used in digital content such as on social networks.
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